The story of an 18-hour launch

Everything that could go wrong did

  • Do not deploy at night. If you’ve spent too many years working at night (as I have), your body is already exhausted and won’t hold out much longer. It’s bad for your physical and mental health. Just don’t do it. Deploy during the day, when you’re working at full capacity with a well-rested mind.
  • Your users won’t always know how to do things, even after you’ve explained it to them in your launch announcement. Newsflash: nobody reads those. You have to force your users to do what they need to do, herding them through your user interface.
  • If your product is good enough, the media will talk about it. But you have to publish at least one official announcement where you explain it. Even if your users won’t read it, journalists will.
  • It’s fine to wait before launching. Unchecked eagerness can harm your work and turn your success into a failure.
  • Expect the worst and prepare for it. Murphy is just waiting to make a mess out of your hard work.



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Carlos Lugones

Creador de startups. Comunicador, podcáster, escritor y criptoentusiasta. Enseño lo que aprendo en el camino y ayudo a otros a crecer. 🚀