6 useful tools you need to use as developer

Building great products requires great tools, just like the sword makers needs strong hammers, developers often needs strong tech solutions to communicate with teammates, organize daily tasks, manage notes, documentation or even operate in servers and codebases.

This post is not aimed to speak about the obvious tools like IDEs, VCs, DBs or frameworks but to mention some very useful tools I like in my daily routine hoping it could help you also.

Telegram official site

Telegram is the best messaging app I’ve ever used, superior to WhatsApp, Messenger and many others. It can be used for both professional and personal communication, and supports hashtags use for fast-search of messages inside conversations, public channels, group up to 200k members, emojis, stickers, gifs, file attachments, voice messages and calls and many other features.

Telegram’s strong side is it’s free public API which allows developers to create third party apps and bots. Bots are special accounts that runs outside Telegram but integrates with it using the API, this throws interesting results like the @GmailBot, @GitHubBot, @trello_bot and other very useful and recommended bot accounts.

Creating a new community in Gitter

Gitter is also a nice solution to chat with other developers inside software projects and in my opinion is better than Slack (which is highly overvalued). While Telegram is a general messaging solution, Gitter is development-oriented and supports world-wide to minor open source communities. You can create your own communities, join existing ones, or having direct conversations.

Gitter is free, minimalist and simple while practical and useful.

A Trello board example

This is my favorite one. Trello is just awesome, once you tried for the first time, there is no way back. Trello let’s you manage teams and boards, boards are consisting of card lists and you can do almost anything you can imagine from assigning tasks, managing due dates, participants, leave comments, vote and manage whatever your work-flow is. It adapts pretty well to any person, small team or even big company.

If you are a software developer (and I think you are), Trello will be very useful with it’s agile addons and Kanban possibilities. Whenever you’re organizing a travel, a party or even a company division, you will not regret using this wonderful tool for free.

Screenshot of Boostnote app

A friend of mine was using this tool and I instantly get in-loved with it. Boostnote is basically a note managing app for developers, with features like snippets managing, markdown notes, storage locations, tagging, starring and cloud syncing. No more annoying .txt holding your notes, no more disaster or chaos, hold your snippets and notes into one place.

Very useful, you should use it (believe me, there is no way back also).

Screenshot of Zeal app showing Vue.js introduction page

Zeal is an offline browser for docsets, very useful to download and consult documentation of software projects, frameworks and technologies. It supports tabs, searching and there is enough docsets available for every possible technology you can imagine.

Want to take documentation with you wherever you go? Zeal is here to you.

A screenshot of my desktop with Guake terminal (top)

Just in case you haven’t met Guake before, it is a “a dropdown terminal made for the GNOME desktop environment”, very customizable and comfortable. You can show/hide it using a single hotkey like F12, add tabs, rename and remove them and hold single terminal threads in one.

Since I use Ubuntu 18.10, I do prefer to use Guake over the build-in Gnome terminal, it offers a nicer user experience.

That’s it

So, these are some of the tools I highly recommenced for developers to use, of course there are a lot others but I found these to be crucial in daily tasks.

Hope this helps, thanks for reading 😊

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